Jump Ahead in VIP Levels With a Little Weekend Bonus Hack at 7Red

Jump Ahead in VIP Levels With a Little Weekend Bonus Hack at 7Red

Just kidding: you won’t have to hack anything to get great bonuses at 7Red, but we really want to draw your attention to a couple of offers that might really pay off big in the long run.

Usually you will reach the Silver VIP level at 7Red when the combined total of your deposits reaches 1,000, and Gold VIP when all your deposits together total 5,000. But now there is a faster and more efficient way of reaching those levels.

If you deposit at least 100 at once over the weekend, you will automatically get Silver VIP for life, while depositing at least 500 in one go during the weekend will get you Gold VIP privileges.

So, we’ve got a lot of talk about different VIP levels and precious metals, but what good can those levels actually do to you?

Silver VIP players get a 10% Deposit Bonus on all their deposits for life, and for Gold-level players, the permanent Deposit Bonus is 15%. If you are an active player and depositor, this could mean thousands in Bonus Money.

When you create a new account at 7Red, you will first get 7 Free Money as a Welcome Offer, as well as getting a 100% Welcome Bonus up to 250.

So basically, with this new promotion you can reach VIP levels just by depositing 10% of the sum you would usually need to reach a certain level. Just remember that you will have to do it at the weekend, and that the entire sum of 100 for Silver VIP or 500 for Gold VIP will have to be deposited in one go.

The 7Red VIP levels go all the way up to the Red Diamond level for high-rollers who have deposited 50,000 on their account over the time and can enjoy a permanent deposit bonus of 30%.

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